Saturday, 4 January 2014

Newsletter Vol. 8

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

XV733 Back to Her Former Glory

Good news folks, conservation work on our Queen’s Flight Wessex is now complete. Before showing you the rest of the stages, photographed by our Restoration Manager Rod Holloway throughout the project, we must first say a huge thank you to AgustaWestland who provided the materials, manpower and expertise. And now to those photos...

After the paint stripping was completed on the aircraft (which is where I left the story last time) the work on the corrosion begun in earnest. Any faulty rivets etc. were treated or replaced and the affected areas of filiform corrosion were removed; the surface then being filled to maintain an even finish ready for re-spraying.

After this corrosion work was completed, the next step was to prepare XV733 for a new lick of paint. This entailed covering the aircraft, covering it some more, and then applying primer to the surface.


After some precise masking tape placement, the experts from AguestaWestland begun spraying the aircraft with it’s original colours and livery. This consisted of both base coat layers and lacquer to bring the finish up to standard.  


And that is your lot! If you want to see the finished product you are just going to have to come down to the Museum and see the final product for yourself. Only joking, here we go!

We must once again say a big thank you to the AgustaWestland chaps who did the work for us. Long live the Queen!