Saturday, 17 December 2011

Latest Acquisition

This week we have taken delivery of a Mk1 Seaspray Radar system, comprising of a scanner, transmitter, receiver, signal processor and control indicator, for our Navy Lynx prototype XX910.

Now all we need to do is decide how to use it. Ideally we would like to exhibit it next to the aircraft but our ever growing collection means we have limited space. The other option is to fit the radar to the aircraft for safe keeping, and for the purpose of completion. Decisions, decisions. Practicality versus preference again!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

John 'Jeep' Cable

Last week we began looking through a box which enclosed numerous items relating to John 'Jeep' Cable who died in the Cierva Air Horse crash with Alan Marsh in 1950.

The box encloses log books and personal scrap books incorporating many photographs, including some of the famed 'Heli Jeep'. We have yet to go through the box in detail but look forward to making more sense of the contents.

The strangest part of looking through the scrap books is knowing that they were once handled by Cable himself, and even stranger is working through the photographs and actually starting to recognise the faces of people as they move through their lives and careers. Add the smell of old paper to this experience and you have a true 'goosebumps' kind of moment.