Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Internet fame for 9 yr old with Huey obsession

 These links take you to some articles about Kevin Dutton, an enthusiastic 9 year old, and to his own website which details his interest in the Huey helicopter.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Help required!

As part of our ongoing effort to catalogue our extensive collection, one of our core objectives is to ensure that the information we record is easily retrievable.

One aspect of this process of organisation involves terminology control, which can become extremely complicated given the numbers of manufacturer collaborations and variants of the numerous models of helicopters that have been built, or proposed.

We now need to build up a definitive list of engine manufacturers, in the same way that we have for helicopter manufacturers. It would be good to know of anywhere which may have such a list already rather than start the long process from scratch unnecessarily. Any thoughts/comments welcome.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

National television coverage for The Helicopter Museum

Brian Dowling and a crew from ITV's 'This Morning' spent some time recording at the museum today and a feature will be included in a show to be aired later this week.

It's back - the Sue Cullum Toy Collection

Examples of toy helicopter are now available for viewing in our new exhibition cases.

Part of the 'Sue Cullum' collection was on display prior to the burst of a water pipe that consequently damaged the exhibition cases holding the collection last Winter. Some old favourites and some examples previously held in our stores are now on display here at the museum.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Stars of Time - 31st July 

Take a look at the highlights from last weekend's Stars of Time event!

Napier Gazelle Engines

This week saw the departure of 3 Napier Gazelle engines from the museum which were taken by the Rolls Royce Heritage Trust (RRHT) to their workshop in Bristol. The engines are 3 of 8 engines which are being stripped down to retrieve the best components which will then form, hopefully, 4 good engines for exhibition.

It is intended that, once the project is complete, 2 of the engines will be installed in our Belvedere XG452 and a third engine will be an independent exhibit. The fourth, final, engine will be retained by RRHT as an exhibit.

The project is being worked on by volunteers at RRHT who are currently spending 2 days a week stripping down the engines they already have there. The 5 engines which were already at RRHT's workshop were bought by The Helicopter Museum from a private individual in Gloucester. Two of the engines were previously being used for tractor racing.